Who Else is Ready to Experience Mercer County’s ‘Fad-Free’ Exclusive Small Group Personal Training Program that Melts Belly Fat through Lifestyle Coaching?

From: Chris Amaro
Fit in 30 LLC/Mercer County Boot Camp
Pennington, NJ 08534

Dear Tighter Tummy Enthusiast,
Hey, I’m Chris Amaro… a Mercer County fitness trainer, body transformation expert & weight loss coach.

Let me start off by asking you the following questions: Has body fat ever made you feel uncomfortable? Wouldn’t you like to rid yourself of that problem? And couldn’t you see yourself doing so along with toning your entire body in an environment that feels like a tight-knit fitness family and believes in YOU?

If you said ‘yes’ to all three questions, then I would LOVE to introduce and invite you to Mercer County Boot Camp … a semi-private fitness boot camp program, the only one in Mercer County, to integrate private coaching, home delivered healthy ready-to-eat real food, & the “Fit in 30” fat loss system.

What’s the “Fit in 30” fat loss system? It’s the only system in town designed specifically to provide express 30 minute evening workouts 2x/week–great for the busy corporate executive, mom, or night owl—that gives even better results than boring 1 hour workouts so you’re back home with your family.

Your goals and time are extremely important, right? They are for me too. So let’s get goin’!

Here’s What Others…Like You…Have To Say About The Results They’ve Achieved With This Program…
“I’m not somebody who can pick up and go have an intensive workout all on my own. After 2-3 weeks I could notice a difference in my arms and my legs and how tone they were. And now just 3 months later I’m probably in the best of my life. Chris is an awesome coach and the results are amazing. I would definitely recommend Mercer County Boot Camp to anyone that wants to see and feel their results.”

–Ida G., Human Resources from Robbinsville

“I was tired of being fat and sedentary. So far I’ve lost 14lbs and have gained tremendous stamina.”

–D.A. Graham , Life Coach and former U.S. Military Chaplain from West Trenton

“I started after I got my pictures back from my college graduation and was not happy with the way I looked. Since joining Mercer County Boot Camp I’ve gone down 3 sizes in just a few months.”

–Kate C. , college student from Lawrenceville

“As a medical professional I definitely recommend fitness training for my patients[…] My private training experience with Chris and my stint in his boot camp was absolutely phenomenal. I highly encourage anyone to check out Mercer County Boot Camp. This is something that really will change your life as it has changed mine […] I’d really like to thank Chris again for his excellent job.”

–Brian J.

You Decide if We’re Right for You


Need More Convincing?
“I came to get ready and in shape for my wedding and lost 8lbs and a dress size in the first two months. I like how Chris varies everything and how we work every muscle group every time.”

–Geneva S., Scientist from Newtown, PA

“For a good while I’ve wanted to grow my family and become a mommy but I wanted to be as healthy as possible beforehand. I came to get in great shape and have lost 30lbs in 4 months. I like it because it’s almost like having a personal trainer and would recommend it to anyone serious about getting in great shape.”

–Laura R., Tutor from Lawrenceville

“There’s 3 things that I like about this class. For one Chris always changes the program so you never get bored. Two, it’s a great combination of cardio and strength training. And the third thing is….it works. I’ve lost 8lbs in under 2 months. Come on out and give it a try. I highly recommend it.”

–John S., Business Consultant from Skillman

“I love the camaraderie and having to be some place regularly to be kept accountable.”

–Mary C., NJ State Worker from Hamilton

Now you might be asking yourself… “Is this right for me if…”
…I haven’t exercised in a long time and may not be able to keep up with others?
YES. We have a strict “no man or woman gets left behind” method of training. At no point will you feel or be made to feel as ‘The 5th Wheel’ of the group. Exercises and workouts will be modified to your level if necessary. More importantly, you’re competing within yourself, not necessarily against others.
…I’m not in my 20s and can’t train like I used to?
YES, it is. And for you 20-somethings, no worries, you can still come. Most members are mature adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. The beauty of our programs is that with all the new lean muscle and loads of energy you acquire, you’re going to feel as if you’re still in your 20s even if you’re not!
…I’ve had an injury in the past or am taking medications?
YES. Does your doctor give you clearance? If so, we’re good to go! Just be sure to keep communicating with your fitness instructor anytime you feel abnormal discomfort or concern over a particular exercise and precautions will be taken. Plus, our indoor training is done on padded and spring-loaded floors–perfect for knees and ankles. Say good-bye to blacktop and hard floor boot camp settings!
…I’m scared of ‘boot camps’ and heard that people get yelled and cursed at?
YES. Don’t worry; no one is shouted or cursed at for trying their best, even if correction is needed.
…I already have a gym membership?
YES. “I go to the gym and don’t really know what to do. I walk 45 minutes on the treadmill and do the same 2 or 3 machines and go home, but haven’t seen results.” Has this ever been you? If so, then YES…semi-private boot camp is a much better option. Most of our members have had gym memberships in the past and realized our program is much more effective since actual attention, instruction, enjoyment, and results are provided. Big chain gyms couldn’t care less about your accountability or results, so long as you continue to pay your $20-$60 monthly fee whether you show up or not. *BONUS* On select programs we offer a “pay your gym cancellation fee reimbursement.”
…Wait a sec! How much is this going to cost me, again?
First things first. Our programs are backed with a 100% money back guarantee. Second, if you hired a personal trainer to come to your home, you can pay as much as $125 for just one session! That’s why semi-private boot camp training is an incredible fitness solution for you. You get the benefits of professional fitness and nutrition training in a warm-friendly environment without having to empty out your 401K. Programs range from as little as $87 to $237 per month. So if you can afford to eat a $5 sandwich at Subway everyday without filing for bankruptcy, guess what? You can start reaching your goals today!

Dedicated to your success and…
Best in Health,

Chris Amaro, Boot Camp Operator
Fit in 30 LLC & Mercer County Boot Camp

If you’ve made it this far and still are a bit shy or unsure to come, remember that there is ZERO risk on your part. You’re protected by our money back guarantee AND free trial to “test the waters.” So go on right ahead and click on the link below to join your friendly neighborhood team of flatter tummy enthusiasts.

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